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The ETM Managed Meetings Portfolio 

OK, so you're ready to get started with a managed meetings program. But where do you begin? That's where the Managed Meetings Portfolio from ETM comes in – a comprehensive library to set you on the right path to a successful program.

Our content library guides you through each step in your managed meetings journey.

Roles and Responsibilities

Knowing the right roles and responsibilities for your stakeholders is critical for a well-managed meetings program.


Prioritize Next Steps

Prepare your next steps based on your goals and objectives.


Sample Meetings Policy

A sample meeting policy for a North American program.


Getting Started

Find out how to start building a successful managed meetings program – make your business case, define roles and responsibilities, and all the elements you need to consider as you begin.

Taking Action

Get organized by building best practices, evaluating your criteria and maturity, and creating guidelines based on your goals and objectives.


Explore sample documents to use as a base for your own program's documents – sample meetings policies, hotel addendums, cancellation worksheets, and more.

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